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NIRAL Awards is an award competition covering the entire radio Nigerian broadcasting industry. This award has been devised to identify, recognize, honour and encourage radio stations, radio programmes and radio presenters that have excelled in the industry significantly.

NIRAL Awards will be given out in 32 categories, which would be adjudged through popular voting via SMS short code by the LISTENERS



Best Radio Station of the Year

Best Morning Belt Programme

  Best Morning Belt Programme Presenter

Best Afternoon Belt Programme

Best Afternoon Belt Programme Presenter

  Best Night Belt programme

Best Night Belt Programme Presenter

Best Programme Presenters (Group)

  Best Weekend Programme

Best Youth Programme

Best Youth Programme Presenter

  Best Radio Station In News

Best Radio Newscaster

Best News Reporter/Correspondent

  Best Radio News Programme Producer

Best Radio Station in Sports

Best Sport Programme on radio

  Best Sports Programme Presenter

Best Sport Programme Presenter (Duo or Group)

Best Weekend Sports programme

  Best Radio Station in Music and Musical programmes

Best Musical Programme on Radio

Best Musical Programme Presenter

  Best Political News Programme on Radio

Best Business News programme

Best Health News Programme on Radio

  Best Language Programme Igbo

Best Language Programme Hausa

Best Language programme Yoruba

  Best Musical Programme Presenter
(Duo or Group)

Best Radio Drama Programme

Best Language Programme Pidgin





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